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Published on: April 25, 2023
By: Webster Bank

BrioDirect Celebrates America Saves Week

Looking back at this year’s America Saves Week initiative, BrioDirect is proud to further encourage everyone to build their financial confidence.

There’s never a time not to be saving money. Here at BrioDirect, we wholeheartedly agree. That’s why BrioDirect commemorates America Saves Week 2023, an annual celebration to encourage everyday Americans to make a strong commitment to save successfully and improve their financial health.

This year, America Saves Week ran from February 27 to March 3, with each day focusing on a variety of specific areas from how to save to what to save for.

What is America Saves Week?

America Saves Week is an annual five-day event that encourages individuals to turn their attention to the health of their finances, re-set the clock for new savings goals, and create a realistic plan to achieve them. During America Saves Week, individuals are invited to focus on the value of saving and take control of their financial future.

By joining the America Saves pledge, individuals will lessen their debt burden, accumulate more wealth, and learn good financial habits for themselves and their families to be more financially responsible.

What was covered during America Saves Week 2023?

Each day during this year’s America Saves Week, the official America Saves non-profit organization touched upon five important areas of financial wellness to consider. These were:

  • Saving automatically
  • Saving for the unexpected
  • Saving for major milestones
  • Paying down debt to increase your savings
  • Saving at any age

Reflecting on these valuable resources provided by America Saves Week, BrioDirect has also put together educational materials to help improve saving habits, and gauge how well you’re saving currently:

  • How Financially Fit Are You?: Maintaining healthy finances is a lot like maintaining physical fitness. Just like taking care of your body with regular exercise, good nutrition, and discipline, you should be regularly tending to various aspects of your personal finances such as savings, emergency funds, retirement accounts, and more.
  • How to Start an Emergency Fund: An emergency fund can be a lifesaver when the unexpected occurs. A high medical bill, expensive car repair, emergency pet care, or an unexpected layoff can leave you in a bad spot if you don’t have an emergency fund. The financial experts at BrioDirect explain how to get your emergency fund started.

Improve your ability to save in 2023 with BrioDirect

At BrioDirect, our clients enjoy great rates and powerful ways to save and grow their money, such as with our high-yield CD accounts currently offered in 12, 24, and 36-month terms. An application only takes minutes, making it easy for you to lock in a competitive CD rate today.

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