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Can I categorize transactions?

Yes! You have the ability to categorize and sub-categorize your transactions. Although we’ll provide you with a standard set of categories, you will also have the ability to create custom categories so that you can track and sort your transactions in the way that works best for you. Simply click on the transaction and then select the category that best applies.

All deposit products are provided by Sterling National Bank, an insured FDIC institution. BrioDirect is a sub-brand of Sterling National Bank. Sterling National Bank operates under the trade name BrioDirect. This trade name is used by, and refers to, Sterling National Bank, a single FDIC-insured bank.

Accounts that are opened via and marketed by BrioDirect are Sterling National Bank accounts. Deposits in these accounts are made with Sterling National Bank. For purposes of determining how much FDIC insurance is applicable to your accounts, you need to consider not only the BrioDirect online savings or CD accounts that you maintain, but also all other accounts you maintain at Sterling National Bank.